First of all Thank you Very much for visiting my site. I really appreciate it. I am a family guy at heart. I have a wife and two very amusing and incredibly mischievous children. I try to create art that someone might stop and take a second look at. Something with some subtlety that may not reveal itself until the second glance. I also love it when I capture or create something that is uniquely Midwestern. We may not have Mountains here but this a beautiful part of the United States and has an incredible character all its own.

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Some Links I find Useful

Martin Bailey Photography Tours - I desperately want to go on one of the tours listed on this site. - This is a GREAT reference for studying images. Find the composition or style that appeals to you. - This is a great Photography based site. There are contests and stories and news about gear and other Photographers. - It's National Geographic. No further explanation needed. - An awesome source for Vintage looking high quality supplies for lighting restoration/creation.
Vintage Wire - Another source of high quality stuff. They have more switches and some more specialized stuff.